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Thank you for considering Heavenly Collections for your bridal gown


We will be closed from Saturday 24 December until Thursday 5 January


Appointment Times


We are open by appointment only seven days a week.


We schedule an hour for your first visit or an hour and a half if you also wish to try bridesmaid dresses so please advise us at the time of booking if you would also like to include your bridesmaids. Fitting appointments usually take 30 minutes.


How to Prepare


Most definitely do your research - wedding sites, magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, and, of course, the websites of the shops where you have booked your appointments.  However, be aware that most of these do not list prices so be realistic about what you can get for your budget.  And speaking of budget, do set one and stick to it. If a dress is outside your price range, we will actively discourage you from trying it on. Nothing worse than falling in love with a wonderful gown that is twice what you wanted to spend.  

Wear appropriate underwear.  You will most likely not need a bra with our gowns as the brands we carry are usually fully corseted but if you feel you want to wear a bra, then bring a strapless one along so that it allows the necklines of the gowns to be shown correctly. If you think you will be trying slinky or fitted gowns, try to keep your panty line as smooth as possibe.


As most wedding gowns look better with hair up, bring along an elastic or clip to put your hair up.  It also helps with veil fittings.


Please, no recent fake tans.  Almost impossible to get these marks out of a dress.  If your tan is very recent, we may have to ask you to reschedule.


Makeup is fine.  We know you want to look the part when you try on the gowns.  We get you to step into the dresses so there should not be any problems.  


Don't be disappointed if the size you are in your daywear differs from your sizing in a wedding gown.  And don't be disappointed if the sizes vary from brand to brand and shop to shop.  It is always about the fit, not the size.  And if you plan to lose a lot of weight please tell us at the time of purchase.  Just be aware that we will take all your measurements and order to your current size.  




We are a small boutique and only see one bridal party at a time, so request that you arrive on time to both take full advantage of your appointment and also not inconvenience other brides before or after you. Arriving too early may mean that we cannot let you into the salon as we have limited space.  Arriving more than 15 minutes late may mean that we have to reschedule your appointment so other clients are not inconvenienced. Please let us know if you are running late.


As a small boutique, we have limited space for guests and no room at all for strollers.  We appreciate that you want to share the excitement of choosing your wedding gown with family and friends, but please check with us when booking if you have a large number of friends and family who want to accompany you.


We are a busy salon and prefer at least 48 hours notice for a weekday consultation and 2 weeks for a weekend booking.


We offer in-house alterations and will provide you with a quote at the time of your alteration fitting.  You may choose to take your gown to your own tailor.




We send a confirmation text message the day before your appointment but as we are "by appointment only", if you do not confirm your appointment, it will be cancelled.  We charge no booking or cancellation fees but an unconfirmed appointment may mean that the salon is not open.


For all questions and enquiries, please feel free to contact us on 02 96399699 or email  



Parking is available at the back of the salon.


We look forward to helping you find your dream dress here at Heavenly Collections.